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Driving fails and instant karma and road rage videos featured in this episode are from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Taiwan, South Korea, United States, Canada, Germany, England and other countries.

Thank You For Watching – be careful on the road!

All content in this video is used with the permission of the original owners or their distributors. A big thank you to everyone who allowed to use their clips!

0:00 Intro
0:08 car accident [Jesse Bailey]
0:33 car accident [Papa Arkem]
0:50 ДТП Севастополь [Victor Perevozchikov]
1:08 Авария 2 апреля 2021 [Максим Бологов]
1:16 Crash [Tim Hawkins]
1:27 дтп с ТП [Shalast Nur]
1:36 Дтп Гайсин 07.06.2021 [Vovankova]
1:47 Rear-Ended & Rollover – Monaco & 96th (Adams County, CO) [Caught On Dash Cam]
2:01 ДТП Челябинск Троицкий Тракт [Александр Жук]
2:08 ДТП Чернігів, вул. 1 Травня, 14.04.2021 р. [# Juristavantjurist]
2:24 помеха с право [Egor Gulnarin]
2:32 ДТП [Владимир Самин]
2:46 ДТП при выезде со двора [KGBingo]
2:56 ДТП,разошлись на долю секунды [eaton А]
3:10 ДТП. Калуга [JohnnyTDR]
3:23 ДТП, Воронеж Тимирязева [Александр Ларионов]
3:31 ДТП Мазда 3 [Kos]
3:43 ДТП на кольце ( Остужева) 12.07.2021 Воронеж [Александр Ларионов]
3:52 дтп Воронеж [Александр Ларионов]
4:00 УЧИТЕЛЬ НА VOLVO к550оо77 / ДТП [Evgeniy xxx]
4:12 ТП и дтп [Shalast Nur]
4:21 ДТП в Новосілках [Ga Tuno]
4:32 дтп 9 июня 2021 [leshiygad gad]
4:38 ДТП Москва Два умника на встречной [LavR6]
4:50 Калуга Срезал. Почти ДТП. [JohnnyTDR]
5:02 лихой обгон по мокрой дороге [Вячеслав Третьяченко]
5:11 ДТП, Ярославль Ленинградский проспект [Сергей Яковлев]
5:21 ДТП из-за не знания ПДД [SHALAST NUR]
5:36 дтп с учителем [SHALAST NUR]
5:42 дтп [SHALAST NUR]
5:53 Разворот и дтп [SHALAST NUR]
5:59 дтп с второрядником [SHALAST NUR]
6:11 ДТП Калуга, снёс зеркало [JohnnyTDR]
6:25 М7 Волга [Евгений Семёнов]
6:35 Road accident in Obninsk [Сергей Вилков]
6:50 видео дтп [Михаил Тужилков]
7:06 Close call with truck in Iraq [Muhamad Abdulrahman]
7:13 Discovery 4×4 With Trailer Crashes–Umltk0 [Wattz Artist]
7:33 Unfall Autobahn Frontalzusammenstoß [Klaus Günter]
7:48 Road accident on slippery highway [Byeong Gyu Evan Kang]
8:01 Accident in Taiwan [地圖型行車影像分享平台]
8:16 Close call on highway in Taiwan [地圖型行車影像分享平台]
8:39 Rear-end accident in Taiwan [Zheng Youchen]
8:53 Motorbike fail [地圖型行車影像分享平台]
9:04 Ford F 150 vs Honda Accord Slightly Major Crash [rextinctione]
9:18 Dashcam view of being rear ended [Lewisj67]
9:26 T-Bone Accident in Virginia Beach [Bad Drivers of The Hampton Roads Area]
9:36 Woman allegedly texting and driving runs light and causes accident [myklobe]
9:53 Police/Fire + distracted driving cause car crash [Forrest Winterburn]
10:02 Highway accident caught on front and rear dash cam [The Hemmi House]
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