This is a compilation of driving fails in USA and Canada of March 2022. It also features clips such as road rage, car crashes, bad drivers and many more fails made while driving.
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This video has a very good educational value which will help the viewer understand traffic laws and make him safer driver. Also, from the clips and additional text the viewer can learn what the consequences of bad driving can look like and educate his/herself with better driving safety. This process makes our video educational for our road safety.

All videos used have written PERMISSION from the ORIGINAL copyright owners!
Check the links to the owners videos in our description of every video.

Links to original videos:

1. Rick Rotondo
Car Crashing Off the Road Into a Telephone Pole – Dashcam Footage

2. ilikerainn

3. Cash or Crash Las Vegas LIVE
DRIVER Coming at me in MY LANE

4. Danny3xd1

5. Allways Andnever
car accident in St Petersburg Florida 2

6. Nick Nomine
Near Miss on Icy Canadian Highway

7. onlinebookmark
Alert: damage Short Front copy

8. Benjamin
dashcam video

9. Harvey Freebird

10. Yosup Hwang
car accident

11. ChYMcA03
Left turn collision

12. Idiot drivers
Conestoga idiot driver

13. AverageLawAbidingCitizen
Fail to yield causes three car accident

14. A nice drive
Road Rage

15. chickens-r-dinosaurs

16. Matt T
Red light left turn near miss.

17. Laura
Don’t drink and drive

18. Pecos B
Involuntary PIT MANEUVER

19. Stacy Lee

HHS Collision Rear View

20. Heixx666
Accident. Dashcam clip. florida

21. lancelot6870
ALMOST Collision of a wrong way driver

22. games0124
Close call

23. SilenceDim

24. Kyle Krebs

25. boompowzap
Near collisions

26. Bruces Critter Cams And Outdoors
Almost Hit Head On

27. Cody Fisher
Near miss

28. mbmacisaa
Near miss

29. regould221

30. Styx & Stones
Crazy Driver almost wipes us out!

31. Rick LeRoy
Semi Cuts Off Camry / Wrong Way Motorcycle – Dash Cam Almost Accident

32. The Wandering Dog
Bad Driver: Road Hog

33. thereallalablue
Dash Cam -nearly T-boned

34. Mike Gomez

35. MM Dashcam Videos

36. Paul 70stastic
brake checked

37. Tracy Carter
head on collision

38. AlpineVW AlpineVW

39. Papa Arkem
Close call with another d-bag

40. Road Bully
He cuts me off

41. Jenn Flo

42. superluig164

43. AmazingPoro

44. Rognaut

45. Disputed Driver
Minor Motorcycle Accident

46. thereallalablue
Dash Cam – Rear ended

47. Axel F
Brake Check

48. Allways Andnever
road rage

49. Redneck Mayhem

50. Random Dude

51. Roger LeBlanc

52. Boodah – Submitted


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