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Road Rage | Hit and Run | Bad Drivers ,Brake check, Car Crash | Dash Cam 233

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Old Man don’t need mirrors to drive – Road Rage

Vegas Dashcam

Road Rage Drcator 2022

Antonio Nunez

Almost hit by a car

Charles Anthony

4.25.2022 Uber driver cut me on Broadway

04.18.2022 Prius driver on Freeway Onramp


Dash Cam- Driver cuts me then gives me the finger

Dash Cam – Driver fails to yield

Dashcam -Driver pushes me off the road

Dashcam- Close call

Dash Cam – Driver drives of the road

Vegas Dashcam

Not yield to school bus 2022

Joe P.

Single Vehicle 08.03.2021

Julian Deverell

Dash Cam footage of very close call due to terrible lane use on Roundabout

Average Socal Driving

Average Road Rage Pickup drivers Irvine.

Avergae Pickup truck drivers Phone Angle

Ken Watson TV

Road rage

Northern Utah Dashcam

Trucker blinding me for no reason ! Road Rage !?


Avoiding a crazy driver while leaving the airport in Austin , TX

Ryna Cragun

Muscle car makes illegal U-turn into oncoming traffic

John Waddington

Road rage

3 may 2022

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