⭐This video featuring driving fails, instant karma, close call, road rage, hit and run, car crashes, good drivers, bad drivers, and many more… This video can be utilized as a learning tool, so the viewers can learn from other mistakes, not their own.

*Driving safely should be your number one concern behind the wheel. Following these defensive driving tips from our videos to improve your own road safety.

⭐Ruby Dashcam Academy provides actual footage of road incidents captured on dash cams. There’s a story-line & our own unique contributions (TEXT COMMENTARY & VOICE-OVER) throughout the video. We have also added the special editing effects, trimming, zooming, etc with the footage throughout the compilation. This whole process required our 3-5 days for producing a video.

⭐These videos with own unique contributions can be used as an educational and informative resource for viewers to analyze and evaluate situations, stay alert and get out of a potentially dangerous situation on the road in the future.

⭐ The process of making our videos involve many steps that are described here: https://youtu.be/nMGhDf7Ph-U

⭐Visit our official website for defensive driving tips: https://rubydashcamacademy.com/

If we made a mistake or you just want to remove your clip, please let us know here: [email protected]

⭐Submit your clip for the feature here: https://rubydashcamacademy.com/submit-your-clip/
Thank you for watching and stay safe!

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