This is a compilation of road rage in UK 2022. It also features clips such as road rage, car crashes, bad drivers and many more fails made while driving.
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This video has a very good educational value which will help the viewer understand traffic laws and make him safer driver. Also, from the clips and additional text the viewer can learn what the consequences of bad driving can look like and educate his/herself with better driving safety. This process makes our video educational for our road safety.

All videos used have written PERMISSION from the ORIGINAL copyright owners!
Check the links to the owners videos in our description of every video.

Links to original videos:

1. peestux
Car accident

2. Gavin Valentine
Near miss at Manchester Airport T2

3. Zana Mahmud

4. TheRockgod23
A38 Crash, Hazard Perception, Looking Ahead and Positioning Your Police Car

5. johnboi1985
Bramley Window Systems Ltd Bad Driving!!! BT08WLX

6. London Dash Cam UK
ACCIDENT! White Van Run Over Moped Driver

7. Stoogie Da
Dash Cam – South Wales (RCT)

8. Tom Wheeler
Near miss silver van

9. Mohammad Kamran
Hit and Run

10. Bad driving in Bradford & Halifax
Road rage

Road Rage UK M11N

12. RoyalAnglian3
Super near miss

13. foxnfirkin
2022 05 Golf

14. Skysurfer
Insane drivers.

15. WPR
Unprovoked Road Rage Incident near Milton Keynes – AUDI

16. doomz dash cams
scary dash cam footage

17. TeddyBearsWarm
Near Miss Livi – Dash Cam

18. Frank Domican

19. Bicycle Cam Belfast
Crazy M1 driver Belfast

20. Road warrior
Uk dashcam

21. jimllbuildit
Pavement-Driving Idiot

22. Gairc Nolrac
bad driving in Oldham (no suprise)

23. SPW Cars & Dashcam
My lane doesn’t simply disappear

24. Andrew from York
Stupid drivers

25. collymonster
Near Collision

26. Tom Relubbus
Another idiot driver caught on dash cam

27. London Dash Cam UK

28. Chris Mcarthur
Close Call With Audi On Roundabout

Ranger Rover Almost Caused A Collision Close Call

29. martindeem
near miss

30. Kristina Dimitrova
Bad driver in London

31. Busters Garage
Close.. a little too close!

32. Em Dot
OY17 DWD Can’t see the lanes

33. Emi and Mimi
Our dashcam caught this…

34. Abdullah Shakerullah
Crazy Driver…

35. djw3146
Thinkware U1000 Dashcam near miss with dangerous Saab driver

36. Stephen Bagwell
Corner cutting near miss

37. Captain Cardboard – Submitted

38. Dashcam UK
FedEx driver with road rage gets a letter from the police

39. ei vlog
near miss

40. Eye-Spy Idiots
Suicidal Driving trying to throw yourself under a bus

41. KenyMok
Women will be women ?? – Car crash dashcam

42. Idiot drivers on our roads

43. enjoythesilence29
road rage

44. Julian Deverell
Dash cam footage of VERY close accident

Extreme near miss overtaking cars

46. W Leech


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