This is a compilation of road rage in UK 2022. It also features clips such as road rage, car crashes, bad drivers and many more fails made while driving.
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This video has a very good educational value which will help the viewer understand traffic laws and make him safer driver. Also, from the clips and additional text the viewer can learn what the consequences of bad driving can look like and educate his/herself with better driving safety. This process makes our video educational for our road safety.

All videos used have written PERMISSION from the ORIGINAL copyright owners!
Check the links to the owners videos in our description of every video.

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Links to original videos:

1. godan g
Red light crash

2. Pete Courier
Accident 20 12 2021 KW59 VUP Costco Carpark Stevenage

3. Mark Schons
Dashcam Crash

4. Rob UK
Dangerous driver!!!

5. Mirko Malisan
[UK] Someone isn’t getting their grocery order

6. Leon Perry
road rage.

7. Andronk
Van jumps red light and almost crashes into bin lorry

8. Ahmed Mohamed
Car accident

9. Simpson
A511 Ashby roundabout – car collision

10. frank van bus
Road rage… idiot Driver’s in york – uk

11. Ivor Welch
Drunk driver writes off my lovely Jaguar on the M4 , August 2019

12. Greg Power
Dashcam Near Miss

13. JAIJ47
White Van Muppet Near Miss

14. 999greeves
Spaghetti Near Miss

15. Vee Bee
UK Idiot Nissan Micra drifter near miss

16. z1000 angrychimp
Bad drivers of Leeds .. KJ56 ULV

17. Richard Catchpole
Amazon Lorry takes out white car

18. East Lancs Dashcam
Audi’s Dangerous Overtaking, One SORN T9XAM AB04ZRB 18-09-2021

19. Colin Brown
Bradford idiot driver

20. graham b
idiot horsebox

21. Mick
Bad Drivers with Karma

22. Nice Car Lad
Impatient BMW driver does dangerous overtake

23. Misty
Near miss with red car.

24. King Gary’s Bits
F11SSJ 08 09 21 321


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